December 23, 2008


OK, so it's only a couple of days until Christmas and I am admitting defeat. The amount of work that goes into getting ready for the holidays- there's shopping, and housework, and even though I'm off this week, my mother and sister are leaving for Florida and leaving me with my mom's 3 year old foster child.

It'll be nice to have a small child in the house to appreciate gifts and that still believes in Santa Claus. The only hard part is going to be trying to keep her entertained. I'm only good for about 10 minutes in that department. I forgot all the tricks I used on my son all those years ago (he's 15 now).

Moving right along, I spun some 60/40 merino bamboo (nice sheen) called 'fraises' which means strawberries in french:

After not having spun yarn in months, this single came out pretty good, but I'm reserving judgment until after plying. That's where all my disasters happen.

I knew I was admitting defeat when, instead of making a little pillow and blanket for a small doll stroller, I cast on for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. What was I thinking?

Rowan Felted Tweed in 'scree' (blue gray). It's a fairly easy pattern, but I'm not up to the 'tangled' part yet so I'm reserving my rating on the ease of the pattern until I get to that part.

And then the final straw - I went to Seaport Yarns and made a small purchase:

That was the last straw! I knew there was a pair of socks in that Colinette yarn just waiting to be made. Not a gift, although I'll probably give them away, but just what I was looking for. And the Ornaghi Filati lace weight - well, just wait and see what I do with all 22,ooo yards of laceweight!

So, there you have it. My new resolution is this - I'm going to start making gifts in February 2009 because that's the only way I can meet my holiday handmade gifts deadline on time.

Besides, I haven't been struck by lightening, and I don't hear any of my stash yarns threatening to douse me in gasoline, so it's going to be OK.

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