December 06, 2008

Smiley's Smile

Today I went to the Smiley's yarn sale in Manhattan. I showed remarkable restraint considering that I was prepared to go and spend every dime I had on any natural yarns. Yes, I'm a yarn snob - but I prefer to think that I just outgrew my love of most acrylic yarns.

Today was the last day of the sale so when some of the bins got empty, they didn't get refilled. It was sad looking at the empty Rowan bins, but I did score some Patons SWS (soy) which I'd been coveting for a long time, TLC Wiggles, stitch markers, and some 14" needles - so that I can knit my sleeves simultaneously - which I should have done in the first place. Lesson learned.

The twins are rapidly becoming sleeves again:

It helps to have repeated the pattern so often that I barely need to look at the instructions. I do look, but mostly to make sure I'm on track. I don't want to have to make twins out of my sleeves again! If I screw up the sleeves this time - well - let me just say, the price of gasoline is down to $2.32 a gallon and I'd need considerably less than that.

I have to go now because Little Miss Kitty thinks I can't see her eyeballing my yarn like it's caviar. I tried the Cesar Millan move of poking her as a distraction, but she turned into a mountain lion and tried to poke me back - with her claws out! I wonder if she's ever heard of kitty cat reform school ...

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  1. The is the funniest thing I've heard yet. Cats! You either love them or hope that their precious 9 lives run out like as of yesterday or at least sometime by the weekend. Oooops cat actually fell down the stairs and looked woozy for a split second. Oh snap, cat fell into the open washing machine while agitating those felting socks.... Dang she got out!