July 05, 2013

Tour - Day 7

My goal for the Tour was to spin fibers I'd never spun before.  I didn't set a goal for how many ounces or how many yards I planned to spin, nothing like that.  I figured 4 ounces of this or that would do it for me.  As it turns out, I purchased 6-8 ounces of everything I planned to spin.  Oh no!

I had 8 ounces of Masham which I spun up in 5 days.  For the tour, it's too much time spent on one fiber when I have plenty of other new-to-me fiber to spin and weeks left to go on the tour.  The Masham is washed and now drying nicely in the bathroom because it was at risk of being stolen by squirrels if left outside to dry.  Long story for another day.

With that fiber off the spools next up was 8 ounces of Shetland, but I made the executive decision to only spin 4 ounces saving time and increasing my chances of spinning more of the goal fibers.  I had no errands to run today (other than laundry, dishes and dinner) so I spun on and off all day:

They will get their rest today and be plied tomorrow freeing up the spools for the next project.  I scored some Jacob fiber at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival last year (or was it the year before?).  Of course, I purchased 8 ounces.  What was I thinking?  I'll only spin 4 ounces of this fiber as well.

This fiber comes from Jacob sheep raised at Jenny Jump Farm in New Jersey,  That's about as local as I can get for fiber.  I could probably go there to get more - if I knew where Belvidere, NJ was and if I had permission from the owners.  Just showing up out of curiosity and asking to see the sheep might make me one creepy individual - and I'm trying to avoid being creepy.

This Tour stuff is keeping me busy, but today I have a feeling of accomplishment.  One fiber is drying, one fiber is all spun up and the next fiber is ready to go.  And it's still early enough in the day for me to knit and play Candy Crush Saga (please don't judge me, it's a palate cleanser).

Now I'm off the enjoy the remainder of the sunshine and heat and humidity in the coolness of my living room.  I hope wherever you are, you're cool and enjoying these dog days of Summer.

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