July 01, 2013

Tour - Day 2, Among Other Things

As I was spinning yesterday, it dawned on me that trying to guess if I'd spun half of the 8 ounces is silly.  There's no way to tell without measuring, so today I plopped the fiber on the scale:

I measured out 4 ounces and I assume that what is left is also 4 ounces.  Now I know that I'm almost done spinning the first half of what will be a two ply yarn:

Today's attempt at daytime spinning was a fail because it was just too darn humid.  Not to mention I cooked dinner and the whole house felt like a sauna.  Yuck!  Tomorrow, after work, I hope to finish the first bobbin and start on the next.

Finished object alert!!  I finished a pair of socks today:

From the book Knit Your Socks on Straight by Alice Curtis, those are the Green Leaves of Summer.  They're a size 6 which fits no one in my family, but they do fit Mary Jo who is part of my knitting family.

The socks were knit on Addi Sock Rockets, US #0 using The Plucky Knitter's primo fingering in The Way We Were colorway.  The socks are lovely and dense and will last a very long time.  The seam is only on one side of the sock and I got through it easily enough.  I'm going to make another pair of socks from the book where the seam is much less obvious.

The Slainte socks will be made for my niece since I promised her months ago I'd make her a pair of socks - and then forgot all about it.  I'll have to make these in double time because it's been two weeks since she reminded me that I forgot.

The yarn is ArtYarns Ultramerino 4 in color #236 that I purchased at Vogue Knitting Live in NY way back in January.  On my monitor the color looks blue, but it's actually purple/gray.  Thank goodness I happened to have been on a solid color kick because I can't imagine the cables on the sock showing up with hand painted yarn.

I'm glad to have gotten another skein out of destash, and that two more will soon be out of here too.  My sock yarn stash is out of control!  Much like my 'regular' yarn and fiber are out of control.  Oy!

I need to up my knitting game or something ... and I will ... just as soon as the Tour de Fleece ends.

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