July 03, 2013

Tour - Day 4 & 5

When the Tour started, I knew I'd be coming from behind since I hadn't spun anything in months, but I'd like to say something here and now for the world to hear: I love spinning.  I love the look and the feel of the fiber, I love to feel it glide past my fingers and I love it when it's done being all spun up.  I even love the way it looks on the spool(s).

Case in point, I usually spin my hand dyed fiber which is prettier than a garden of flowers on a Spring day, but the 8 ounces of Masham fiber I spun is gray (mostly).  You would think it would be boring to spin up miles of the stuff, but no.  It spun up like a dream, slipped through my fingers like silk and ended up on two spools:

Tomorrow I will ply it and I'm already having dreams of what it will be when it's washed, whacked, thwacked and hung to dry.  If I'm lucky the sun will shine tomorrow and I can hang it on the fence in front of the house (away from the hoard of squirrels hanging out in my backyard).

My only wish is that I had more spools for the WooLee Winder for my wheel.  I would be able to start on the Shetland tonight while watching the race.  If you're a spinner and ever have enough money for a luxury item, get yourself one.  It's a beautiful thing watching the winder do half the work.

I happen to have 8 ounces of hand dyed Shetland wool that I purchased years ago from Pumpkinmama at Etsy.  She's on hiatus now, but she used to have some really lovely fiber in wonderful colors.  Here's what I got:

Ask anybody that knows me about my affection for orange.  I never get it because I view it as strictly a Summer color, but I love it!  I love orange clothes, orange nail polish and orange shoes in Summer - and it is Summer now, isn't it?

How can you look at all of those colors and not be in love?

I've been on vacation since Tuesday, and I've had errands that took me out of the house for hours, but tomorrow is July 4, Independence Day here in the United States.  The only commitment I have is to cook dinner which goes in the oven fairly early so that we can spend the rest of the day eating it.

So I leave off here while I sort out the Shetland for spinning tomorrow.  The race is still on and I'm happy to be sitting in the air conditioned living room enjoying the cool.

Happy spinning!

P.S. To the person that asked me when the knitting group meets, it's every Saturday at 10:30a and the Soundview Public Library.  Feel free to join us, we'd love to meet you.

P.P.S. Knitting is happening and I will have something to show in a couple of days.

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