July 23, 2013

Tour - The Final Hours

The Tour de France has ended and I have mixed feelings about that.  I looked forward to spinning fiber while watching the race and cheering on whoever was winning at the moment.  This year the Tour was marked by scandal instead of accidents - thank goodness!

Mark Cavendish knocked Tom Veelers off his bike.  Mark said he was paying more attention to the finish line than to what was in his way and Tom went flying.  Ouch!  The crowd wasn't interested in his excuse and someone threw urine on him (off camera, of course).  Yuck!

Frank Schleck was disqualified because he failed the drug test before the race even started because he was found to have a diuretic in his system.  How much of that stuff do you need in your system to fail a drug test?!

Chris Froome was penalized 20 seconds for taking food from the team car in the last kilometers of the race.  Really?  C'mon!  The man was hypoglycemic which is what I'd be if I had to race once city block!

Enough about the tour.  If you didn't watch it this year, maybe you'll be interested enough to watch next year - with me - because you know I'll be watching!

So the very last of the tour is some Perendale I spun and plied tonight.  It's more yellow than gold with flecks of green and blue and reminds me of the Shetland I spun:

I wasn't really happy with it while I was spinning it, and even less happy when plying it.  I picked out plenty of veggie matter while making the singles, and more while plying it.  No matter, because all plied up it is a whole different thing.  I love it!

And while the tour was going on, and in between bouts of knitting and Candy Crush Saga, I started a pair of plain vanilla socks with some Vesper yarn in the meadow colorway:

I was not happy with the colorway, so I ditched the sock and decided to make a pair of Wrapped in Hugs socks on straight needles with Plucky Knitter's one skein wonder in an unknown colorway (it looks like tan):

Meh ... I'm not impressed and the plain vanilla socks look better to me, so I'm going back to those.  If my niece doesn't like one maybe she'll love the other.  If she doesn't like either, then my son will wear them so it's not wasted knitting.  Knitting socks is never a waste of time to me.

Lastly, I was cleaning out the fiber cabinet for no good reason whatsoever and I found a box which contained the items below.  I don't remember buying it, so it must have been gifted to me.  It's Rhinofluff BFL in the choco-cherry colorway, three rosewood cable needles and a sheep tape measure:

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such good friends who donate to my fiber addiction.  Sojourn Knitter, I'm looking at you!  Did you slip this into my bag without me seeing?  If so, thank you!  You know how much I love BFL!  And now that the tour is over, I can spin this anytime.

That's it for me.   My next goal is to knit something with my handspun.  The adventure continues.

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