July 26, 2013

Knitting - A Little

Today was a day of running errands.  I left the house at 7:30 in the morning and returned home at 2:30 in the afternoon.  I had the day off from work, but I spent almost a work day in the city, where I work, running errands.

The good news is I got a lot done.  I dropped the car off for it's annual inspection and then headed off to the catch the bus to the train.  My ride to the city took me all of about an hour, and the whole time, all I could think of was how much the repairs my 1997 car would need to pass inspection and how much it was going to cost me.  By the time I got off the train, I got a call from the garage that my car was ready and that it passed inspection! Whoa buddy!  Really?  Yay!

I took a side trip downtown to Seaport Yarns with a friend and it was uneventful for me.  I bought nothing.  Yep, I had gone shopping for some new work clothes and there went the yarn budget.  By the way, Seaport Yarns has moved the store.  They're in the same building, but on the 4th floor.

The shop is smaller, but it looks like everything is there.  However, the shop owner's husband was manning the store today and he said they didn't have room for all the yarn they had, so they threw the yarn that wouldn't fit in the GARBAGE!  At that moment, I wondered if it was a crime or a sin to throw good yarn in the trash!!  I so wanted to ask him which garbage can they threw it in because at that moment I was prepared to go dumpster diving!

I did get to see the new World Trade Center buildings, though:

The picture doesn't do them justice.  They shone in the sunshine and looked like two aluminum wrapped buildings, so bright and shiny and new.

I've made progress on my socks and I'm almost done with sock #1:

That is my sock at the train station.  Isn't it amazing how my sock matches the window!

My sock also made an appearance at the farmer's market:

I was going to buy some greens, but they'd been sitting outside all day and the sun was shining on them so they weren't looking as fresh as they had when I was on my way downtown.

It was a long day and when I got home I realized that I'm not feeling so hot.  The sneezing, the headache, the sweating ... I think I caught a cold.  What is worse than a Summer cold?  Nothing!  OK, maybe a toothache.  Still, I feel lousy.

That said, I'm still going to knitting class tomorrow because me and the ladies there, well, we are family and family shares.  Honestly, if any one of them becomes ill, I'll feel really, really bad about it but that's not enough to make me not go to class.  I missed last week, I can't miss this week.

So I'm going to take a dose of meds so I will be cured by morning.  That is possible, right?

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