July 05, 2013

Tour - Day 6

This morning I woke up to the race and started plying the Masham fiber that took 5 days to spin.  I figured an hour of plying and I could get right to work on the Shetland.  That was the plan.

Turns out that I spun the fiber thinner than I thought:

It's mostly a fingering weight, but I can count the spots where I got tired and those areas are more like lace weight.  I'm hoping it will all even out after the wash.

I truly love this fiber and I'm sure I have enough yardage to make anything I want ... anything.  The plying took hours, and I still love it.  Believe me, I've spun fibers for half an hour and hated it (Wensleydale).

When the plying was done, I prepared dinner and cleaned up for company.  I also spun some Shetland while watching the replay of the Tour at 8p.  Yes, I can do that because all of my family knows they can't stop me.

Here's how far I got, which is not far at all:

Isn't it lovely?!  I can't wait to get it done and I can leave it on the coffee table to stare at it.  I just love orange in the Summer and this fiber looks like rainbow cotton candy.  It's adorable!

I have to get up early enough to watch the first run of the Tour de France so that I won't miss anything!  Can you believe Mark Cavendish came in 4th today?!  I feel like I should make him a pair of 'good luck' socks because I don't think there's another sprint for a couple of days.

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