July 16, 2013

Tour - Day 17

The Jacob fiber is plied and ready for a bath.  I haven't done a three ply yarn in forever, but I think I did  a pretty good job.  I'm pretty sure the yardage is low, but the experience was worth the effort.

Looking back, I should have spun all 8 ounces because after my experience spinning it I don't know if I'll ever spin the remaining 4.2 ounces still in the fiber cabinet.  I'm going to reserve judgement because you can never say never - especially if times get tough.

The fiber I chose to spin today is Perendale which is another fiber I never heard of, but  I'm sure there are lots of fibers out there that I've never heard of.  The only resource I have for seeing and potentially buying fiber is at fiber festivals, and events like Stitches East.  Because this year I made a conscious decision to spin fibers I've never spun, I took a chance on Perendale fiber.  From what I read, it's a cross between Romney and Cheviot and I've heard of, but never spun either of those.  I believe I have both in my fiber cabinet.

This fiber was purchased from Crown Mountain Farms and they did a pretty good job with fiber prep.  There was very little vegetable matter in it and, to boot, it's in the form of pencil roving which makes it particularly easy to spin - virtually no prep.

It's looking pretty good so far.  I should have separated it and tried to spin two bobbins for maximum yardage, but my son seems to have a penchant for yellow hats, so he may get his wish with this fiber once it becomes yarn.

Once again I was asked to flash my stash - both yarn and fiber.  I just can't do it.  Recently, I decided to get the yarn out of my bedroom, and three garbage bags later there's still yarn in my room.  Flashing stash would take too long.

Let me take a minute here to explain a little something about the fiber cabinet.  If you've ever read The Chronicles of Narnia, then you have an idea about what that cabinet is like.  From the outside, it's just a cabinet with a glass door with big balls of white fluff in big plastic bags.  It's not until you open the cabinet and all my fiber falls out that you realize there's a mountain of fiber in there.  Get the picture?

The next fiber up is, I believe, Teeswater.  The tour may end before I get it done, but I'm going to keep hope alive.

Happy spinning to you.

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