July 02, 2013

Tour - Day 3

Did I honestly believe that spinning darn near in the middle of the night would save me from having to deal with the humidity?  Honestly, we had a downpour this morning and the humidity, which is at 100% was still going strong at 10p.

This happens every year.  As soon as they start showing the commercials for Tour de France (the actual cycle racing), I know that the humidity is coming.  Not the perfect time to deal with wool in my lap, but I persevere.

Here's the results of day 3:

It looks much like yesterday's spinning, but trust me when I tell you, I spent two hours spinning and sweating tonight.  Surely I must have lost an ounce or two this evening.

I've got 8 ounces to spin, and I need to fill two bobbins.  This is what is left to go on bobbin #1:

Not much more to do.  The empty bobbin under that little bit of fluff is just waiting to go.

Tomorrow I start day 1 of a two week vacation from work.  Yay!  That means I can spin in the mornings when it's still (hopefully) cool in the house, watch the race and root for my favorite riders (Schleck, Voight, Cavendish to name a few).

I've got a job knitting that I have to get to (baby booties) for a baby shower, socks to make for my niece and if there's any time left I need to make some pot holders, believe it or not.

There's never enough time, is there?

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