November 19, 2012

Since I Couldn't Knit

I heard what the doctor said when I saw him last week.  He said specifically, "No knitting."  My response was to say, "OK, doctor, no knitting." And then I winked at him.  He smiled and said, "I mean it", to which I said, "I know." And I winked at him again.

End result, I massaged my hand, used a heat pack, cold pack, I soaked my hand in Epsom salt, I taped it up the way he showed me - and I knit.  So my hand is still swollen, it only hurts a little and I have no regrets.  At least not at this moment.  When I see him tomorrow and he comes at me with a needle I may be of a different opinion.

That said, I knit the Georgia On My Mind Socks in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock and using US #2 needles:

And then I didn't knit, but I had Maria knit up six strips for me so I could make a Braided Ball.

It wasn't hard, just time consuming.  First I had the six strips which I sewed up the middle:

Then I wove them together and sewed up the ends:

And ended up with this:

I stuffed it with fiberfill and now I have to wash it and figure out what to do with it.  It was made mainly to see how it would turn out.  Thanks Maria!

Now I'm stuck because I have to see the doctor tomorrow.  Do I knit or not?  The night is young and I happen to have a skein of Madelinetosh Pashmina, and a cowl pattern ...

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