November 22, 2012

Turkey For Brains

Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone in the US who celebrates.  I hope you had a wonderful day.

Of course I'm sleepy as all get out from too much food, too much dish washing and too many left overs  which only leads to Dinner, Part II also know as "I'm just picking".  My thoughts are that I have to eat as much as I can today while it's hot and good, because two days from now, when I'm eating the same stuff, it won't be nearly as good.

Just when I thought it was time to go quietly off and knit after dinner, it turns out to be not such a smart idea.  I'm working on a sock and there's plenty that I didn't take pictures of, but let's start with this.

I have two balls of Italian cashmere generously donated by my friend Sojourn Knitter.  I picked a sock pattern that I thought was going to be easy and that would show off all the colors.

Here's the yarn looking adorable and harmless:

So I'm knitting away and the sock is looking pretty cute:

And I get all the way to the heel turn and I made a fatal mistake which I could not recover from no matter how far back I ripped, so I ended up with this:

Not to be outdone, I started again and ended up not reading the instructions because I'm so good at making socks I don't need to read instructions:

So I'm back at square one.  It's fair to say that just because you're full and happy and thankful, doesn't mean you're not also tired and probably not ready for prime time knitting.

Still, I'm a die hard, so I'll probably cast on again only this time I'm going to read the instructions and limit myself to the first 18 rows of the toe.

Knit happy, everyone!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! That's my thinking too. Eat as much as possible as long as it's fresh. ;o)
    Bad sock yarn, bad, bad! It was not your fault, you show it who's boss!