June 18, 2009

OK, I'm Done Sulking Now

If anything could bring me back from the brink after suffering at the hands of Dried Flowers, the two bit tramp that now can't get a job as a shawl to save it's inanimate life, it's a birthday party.

On Saturday Maria celebrated another year of being a wife, mother and knitter in the sisterhood of Soundview Stitchers.

Her husband snuck into class early and surprised her (and us) with a big delicious cake. He's a wonderful and very nice man! Here they are with their little angel, Mia (I call her "Mia, Mia, cupcake eater", but she was a cake eater on Saturday).

And then, when I got home and decided that since Dried Flowers was meditating on it's mistreatment of me at the frog pond, that the best revenge against a pancake of my own hand spinning that did me wrong is to knit in its face. Hence, basic booties:

And just in case Dried Flowers isn't feeling duly punished, I got some Malabrigo Lace in Peach Tree to wave in it's yarny face:

And la piece de resistance: meet the new Dianna!

Schaefer Trenna lace weight in Willa Cather.

Revenge against an inanimate object is sweet, but only a crazy person goes after a skein of yarn with such gusto.

(If Dried Flowers ever becomes anything, I'm going to have to take it to church first because the bad mojo in that yarn is gonna hurt somebody! Yikes!)

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