November 01, 2012

The Days After

It's been a couple of days since Hurricane Sandy blew through and the clean up continues.  Garbage got picked up for the first time yesterday and the subway system is partially restored.  Unfortunately, the part of Manhattan that houses my office is still in the dark, so this is kind of  a forced vacation.  I am on vacation against my will, just like it's against my will to do laundry.

It's pretty cold outside and the clouds are still heavy and dark overhead:

But anything is better than a hurricane, so I'll take cold, dark and cloudy.  Clearly Winter is about to rear it's head so I'd better get started on a hat and the cowl I've been wanting to make.

As promised, this is a knitting blog once again.  The Embossed Leaves socks are almost done:

I hope they fit Miss Mary because they're too small for me, but they sure are pretty.

I've got two other projects lined up, so I have to finish these socks today.  No guarantees, of course because who knew that staying at home was this much work?!

Housework never, ever ends!  I start at the back, clean to the front only to turn around and the back is dirty again.  Sheesh!  I'd honestly like to know who keeps putting dishes in the sink and why the laundry is never, ever done.

One more thing, I hope my Zone A neighbors are recovering well from the devastation of the storm and I hope we don't see another storm like it in our lifetime.

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