November 06, 2012

If You Don't Vote ...

Then you can't complain!  I hope all of you who have an opinion got out and voted, and even if you don't have a feeling about the vote, you should do it anyway.

That said, today I went to my polling station only to find a sign on the door that says the polling place has been moved six blocks away.  After a hard day at work, a stop at the button store (again) and a chill wind outside, I hesitated about going to vote.  It was inconvenient to have gotten off the bus six blocks away, but at least my voting location was closer to my home.

The line of voters was backed all the way to the entrance, it was an hour long wait and it was hot as heck!  I saw some of my neighbors there so I got to chat a bit, and everything was fine until I finished one line to get on another.  Sheesh!  Anyway, it's done and my vote counts and that's what matters.

Moving right along.  The button store.  I picked up my first choice of buttons and now I'm waffling again.  Yes? No?  What do you think?

I'm not so sure.

Too green?  Wrong green?  Too much color?

Should I go get wood buttons?  I think since I'm questioning my choice, I think I'm headed to M&J Trimming.

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  1. Thanks for voting! As a Canadian I'm quite pleased with the outcome.