November 05, 2012


The subway system isn't quite at 100% since Hurricane Sandy came blowing through, so my commute was a little longer than the usual one hour in an air conditioning - and that just wracked my nerves today.   On top of that, while the electricity has been restored to the office, the heat has not so the office was freezing today.  To round out the bad vibe trifecta, it is Monday and all Mondays are horrible.

To break up the monotony of the hour long train ride home, today a lady got on the train with her daughter (about age 7) and her son (about age 10).  The little girl turned to her brother and asked him who he was going to vote for (as if he could!), and he said Mitt Romney.  To which the little girl said (rather loudly) "You suck!  I'm voting for Ogama!"

LOL!  While I am impressed that such young children are so politically aware, the part they didn't learn is that you don't talk in public about politics or religion.  Still, it was comic relief for a miserable train ride.

I went to a store called Ink That & More in the Bronx, which sells computer ink, acrylic yarn, buttons, perfume and anything else you can think of, for buttons to finish my Shawl Collared Cowl.  There I found two sets of buttons, and I should have gone with my first choice, but I bought these:

And then I put it against the yarn I used and they're too green.  Dang!

I should have taken the yarn with me, now I'm mad about green altogether and I'm thinking that wood buttons are probably going to be my best choice.  My second best choice is to get off the freezing train into the cold and walk to M&J Trimming which has much better choices.

Hopefully I can exchange the buttons at Ink, but this time I'm taking the cowl with me.  And I'm keeping these buttons anyway because I'm sure I'll need them one day.

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