August 04, 2012

One Row Forward

Two rows back ...

It's just a shawl.  I've made many shawls.  This is just one more.  I'm not intimidated.

I can make a shawl in 17 days, I've done it and I'm comfortable with it.  Nothing is too lacy or too complicated, just a little time consuming.  So what's the problem?

Beads.  Lining them up is an issue because when they don't line up it's like 'in your face you made a mistake.  Now go back and fix it.'  Undo, undo, undo, etc. 'Now make sure you stab yourself with the beading needle as often as possible - teach you a lesson.'

Yeah, the shawl is cute and everything:

But clearly it wants to hurt me.

I'm on row 30 or 34 on the chart, then no more beads until the very end, I think.

I may virtually win gold if I finish on time, but I will literally win gold when I can hold a pencil without pain.

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