August 10, 2012

Baby Wrap

Today is Friday.  I'm usually home on Fridays trying to use up vacation days, but today I had to come to the office.  Fridays are usually quiet and most folks leave early while I am stuck behind listening to the silence until my appointed time to leave.  Boring!

Still high from the fumes of casting off the Summer Blooms Shawl last night, I have some down time to get this sweater done.  This morning when I packed my bag for work, I packed in my knitting stuff too.  The knitting bag contained everything I'd need:  the sweater pattern, the appropriate needles, the right yarn and the drawstring bag that contains all of my tools: darning needle, spare US #3 double points, scissors ... you know, my 'stuff'.

When I finished knitting the ruffled collar I reached in my bag for the dpns so I could start my i-cord, maybe sew in a few of these loose ends.  I found the drawstring bag, but it was (HELLO!) empty.  No needles, no dpns, no nothing.

(Reminds me of the episode of the Twilight Zone when the guy whose only wish for eternity was to be surrounded by books with nothing but time to read them, ends up in eternity with his glasses broken.)

No worries, the sweater will be finished at home tonight - and though it saddened me that I'd forgotten such an important part of my knitting arsenal, it gave me great delight to know that instead of my tool bag, I grabbed more knitting.  Yay! 

So here's the progress on my Plan B: 

Not to shabby on my part - to have knitting as a back up knitting plan.  Huh?  Tell me that's not clever.

Details about everything will follow as soon as everything is blocked and ready for prime time viewing.

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