August 25, 2012

Couldn't Resist

I admit, I'm a pattern snob.  I like the things I like that are mind benders, technique challenges and  haven't been done by a million people.  I search out the odd, the off center, the rare.  It drives me crazy!
Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a pattern that hasn't been done by 800 people in all variations of cuteness?

Well, during one of my usual strolls down the aisles at Ravelry, I saw these booties and my heart went pitter patter.  I added them to my library on Ravelry, but I passed them by - until I could no longer resist the urge.  Cute or what?:

I, just like everyone else who made them, think they're the cutest ones ever.  I don't know why I resisted in the first place.

The yarn is Bebe Lang superwash in a lemon lime color with cutesy little flower buttons sitting on top of my chicks and hens which are just starting to bloom.

Made with my trusty US #3 needles and they took about 4 hours to make with very little finishing.

Here are the disclaimers: the only pattern I found is in Danish, but my computer has a translator and most of the words translated, some didn't so I had to figure it out.  Mercifully, I had You Tube to help me out - kind of - because the video isn't in English either, but here's the link.

The construction is the hardest bit and that's not hard at all when you see the video.

Good luck with yours, I know you're going to make a pair because they are so hard to resist.

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