August 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Tai!

Today my great nephew, Tai, turned 1.  That means that he's met many milestones; he learned to roll over, crawl, he grew some teeth and now he's walking - with some hand holding, of course.  But his most remarkable feature is being adorable.

He went from arm to arm - it seems no one could get enough of him.  I must admit he's not much of a conversationalist, mostly he makes a noise somewhere between a coo and and a non-diaper involved baby grunt (those sound decidedly different).  He's happy, he's healthy and today he is 1.  Yay!

Here he is with his big sister, Jada and his mom, Tanna:

Wow, I remember when each of them was born, which makes me feel really old.  Fortunately, being surrounded by youth makes getting older not seem so bad.  (Getting older sucks for other reasons.)

And while I was glad to spend the afternoon with Tai at his party, I did sneak a little knitting in.  Here's my progress so far on the Little Oak sweater:

Nine more rows of the chart, and then on to the button placket.  Not bad for a week of sporadic knitting.    I'm still in love with the yoke detail:

I'm going to make this sweater again with a different yarn next time, only next time I'm going to follow all of the instructions as written.  When I'm done, hopefully I won't notice a huge difference.

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