August 04, 2012


I'm still working on my Summer Blooms shawl for Ravelympics and progress is about 3 rows per night, so rather than show you a picture of what looks like no progress, so let's talk about something else.

Let me give you spinners out there a piece of sage advice.  If you are going to pay more attention to the television show you're watching than to the spinning you're doing, then you should truly pick one, either the show or the spinning.

Here I was spinning some merino/silk to make yarn for Yvonne.  The show got interesting and the end I was holding broke free from my hand and buried itself into the spool.  I searched high and low for that end - pulling up strands and trying to follow it - sweating, swearing, tugging, rubbing and begging.
No luck.

Maybe if I put it down and go back to it I'll get lucky.  Nope.
Maybe if I cut a top strands and unravel it a bit I'll find the end.  Nope.
Light a candle, pray to the spinning gods, beg some more and then - put the scissors to work.

Oy!  It took me 30 minutes of sweat to get the spool clear and 4 ounces of fiber went down the drain.

Fortunately, the Tour de Fleece happened about the same time, so I made some new yarn for Yvonne.

And it was prettier and nicer and there was more of it.  Now she can make a hat or some warm mittens.

Whew!  Thank goodness it all worked out.

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