August 30, 2012


I read the Harry Potter books - all of them, and I like Harry and his friends, but I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan.  Probably because I read The Lord of the Rings at the same time and Aragorn and his friends appealed to me way more.

However, Harry Potter and friends had a lot more kid friendly outfits that were doable and wearable and it just so happens that I have a niece who I think would love to wear a Hogwarts scarf this winter.  So I hunted around and saw this shawl.  That sealed the deal and I knew I had to make the Hogwarts Express.

After a little stash diving, I came up with some Tosh Light in the Toast colorway and cast on.

Sure I've got other WIPs just waiting in the wings, but the weather is getting cool at night and that's a sure sign that my niece is going to need this scarf in time for cold weather.

The pattern is all percentages and MATH which is presenting a little bit of a challenge since I hate both percentages and math, but I'm a good guesser.  Besides, most of the people that made this project mentioned how many owls they got so I'm hoping for 20 or more.

Fingers crossed this will be a quick knit and I can get back to what I was doing.

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