September 03, 2010

Not that I'm competitive ...

My friend Sojourn Knitter and thrown down the gauntlet and challenged us to a spinning duel and I, daringly, have taken her up on the challenge.  I am going to spin 16 ounces of fiber by Monday (yeah, right!).  So in between the laundry, floor mopping, dishes, cooking meals and sweating it out in this humidity, I'm going to spin yarn.

Presently, I have no free spools so I'm going to have to do some plying tonight to get one.  If anyone nearby sees smoke coming out of my windows, it's my wheel going at top speed, so please don't call the fire department!

Here's my entry:

I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I don't care if I have to spin all night.  I'm going to get this fiber spun up so I have room for the new stach I'm going to score at Rhinebeck!

If anyone else out there has a wheel or spindle and some fiber they need to spin up to make room for new fiber, please join us so that the if (when) I don't make my challenge I won't have to blog with pictures of me crying!


  1. Gasp! Gulp! 16 ounces?! Now the pressure is really on. I tip my fiber scale to you. That is truely a challenge and I shall attempt to spin 16 as well. For the glory!!!! (ok, too much Narnia on my mind, lol)

  2. Wow, that really is a big challenge! I'm here at the finish line, seeing you come in with 16oz of freshly spun yarn (or not)! :o)