September 06, 2010

Oh No!

When I opened my big mouth and said I'd spin 16 ounces of fiber in a weekend, I never imagined that I wouldn't have time to do it.  Did I think the house would magically clean itself?  Or that I could do all of my back to school shopping in an hour?  Oy!  (I must confess that I break into a happy dance every time I think about my son going back to school, though.  I chuckle to myself so he doesn't see, but the happy dancing has cut into my spinning time in a serious way.)

I finished spinning up the Louet in Deep Jungle:

This yarn is obviously not going to be a 3-ply since my bobbins are so uneven, so I see three skeins of Navajo ply yarn.  How long does that take?

So, last night at 8p, I sat down to spin and I spun like the house was on fire.  With a little help from Miss Kitty:

I only got this far:

How much is that so far?

Break out the tissues because I'm not going to make it to 16 ounces.  I have laundry and a few other unpleasant chores to do before I can sit down to my wheel with any peace of mind.

Hope springs eternal, though, so I'm going to hop to doing what needs to be done and we'll see where I end up by 11p tonight.  Sixteen hours from fiber to yarn in 3 days is impossible!

I gotta go find a free bobbin.

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  1. I'm right there with you! Its a noble effort though. We done good. You done exceptionally well with the pencil roving. See you at the finish line.