September 08, 2010

Happy Dance!

I've got three reasons for doing the happy dance.

The mini spinning challenge wasn't a complete bust because I got this:

Two skeins of Louet's wool in Deep Jungle.  Both are 2 ply, 17 wpi, and the yardage on skein #1 is 193 yards and skein #2 yielded 196 yards.  Who knew it could be so good?  I see a "fake isle" hat and mittens in my future.  Woo hoo!

Then today's mail produced this:

My first flower from Spinning Awesome Good (thanks Shelby!).  It's 3.9 ounces of BFL/Tussah in Moonlight Shimmy.  OMG!  If only you could feel the softness!  I'm going to work on this carefully and with thought so I don't screw it up, but I can see clearly that it can't turn out bad because it looks and feels so good!

And my third reason for happy dancing is:  SCHOOL'S IN!  I'm a working mom and nothing says love like curfew, dinner and bedtime on time!! Yay!  My son is 17 years old and the last vestige of control I can exert over him is "You have school tomorrow" followed by some non-specific ridiculous set of instructions that HAS to follow.  Can you see my smile so wide it almost cuts my head in half?  I've been doing the happy dance since school shopping on Saturday.  I'd really bust a move, but I'm afraid I'll bust my hip if I do.

It's a little sad that's he grew up (without my permission, mind you), and when he graduates from high school what will be my new mommy job?  Clearly I have come up with other means of control.  Tell me how this sounds, "Don't think this dictatorship has suddenly become a democracy because you graduated.  This is still my house and as long as you live IN my  house  blah blah blah."  How's that?

For now, I'm still happy dancing.


  1. Deep jungle looks awesome! I love how Shelby presents her fiber! Did you know she has a group on ravelry? Just by posting a photo of your flower in the right thread you are entered in her monthly draw for a free flower of your choice! I won this month (for August) and am looking forward to select my prize. :o)

  2. Beautiful yarn and fiber! HAve fun with it.

  3. Oooooooh, that is all types of awesome!!!
    You got so much mileage! Rock Star!!