August 28, 2010

Shawl #8

I never thought I'd make it to 10 shawls this year since, to be honest, I'm all 'shawled out'', and finding shawls to make has been something of a challenge.  I have all these rules about which shawls I could or would make and I had so much criteria that I almost ruled out ALL shawls.  Until this one, that is.

The Swallowtail Shawl was such a quick knit that I amazed my own self.  It's amazing how the smallerr shawls knit up so quickly compared with how the big shawls seemed to take forever. I used some yarn from a company no longer inn business called Mystical Creations Yarn and they described it only as hand dyed fingering/lace weight wool, a size US #5 needle, and this is how it started:

This yarn is older than Central Park dirt and the color was still pretty vibrant (loud and screamy, in fact), but after washing and blocking, it toned itself down by a lot:

In fact, most of the turquoise came out in the bath and the shawl is still a little colorful, but in a good way.   I was advised by the ladies in the knitting class not to dye it, so I won't.

I'd say I like this shawl enough to keep it, but I don't.  I like the pattern well enough, it was pretty easy to memorize, and it was certainly a worth it knit.  I'll make it again one day, but I'll probably use a solid color.  Now I'm going to have to spend some time looking for a home for it, which is no easy task.

Gotta say, though, I love blocking wires but I only used them across the top this time.  I used pins on the points which aren't perfect, but good enough.

And in case you're on Ravelry, the yarn I used is the same yarn I used for the Daybreak Golds shawl:

My yarn magically replaces itself while I'm knitting, I think.  How can I  make two shawls with one seemingly small ball of lace and still have enough to make another shawl.  It's a mystery.

On to the next shawl: Calais.  Wish me a speedy finish! 

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  1. That's another lovely shawl! you've got lots of time to finish the last two shawls of this challenge! :)