September 06, 2010

Not Even Close

Well ... I tried.  I worked as hard as I could and even threw in a few excuses, but no cigar.  I didn't even knit all weekend because I was trying to spin 16 ounces of fiber.  I got maybe 12 ounces almost done.

This is what got done: Louet wool in Deep Jungle.

And that wasn't all of the yarn, I still have a small bit that needs to be plied.

This is what's halfway plied on the wheel: Marino/tussah from Cloverleaf Farms.


 And this is what I had to ply from the Tour de Fleece contest because I needed a spool: 100% bamboo from Xtreme Knitting, an Etsy store that has since closed up shop.

So there you have it.  I fell short of the mark, but I had a great time and I even freed up a spool or two.

Sojourn Knitter, thanks for the inspiration to spin.  I had a great time and I managed to make a small dent in my fiber cabinet.  We should try this again in about six months - after my shin splints and cramped hands have had a  chance to recover.


  1. Oh, this was so much fun. I learned a lot in just this short time and got some valuable practice in. Thank you for agreeing to go along with this.
    The Louet fiber yarn is awesome

  2. Wow, that's still a lot! They are all wonderful colorways, but boy the bamboo sure shines!