October 07, 2008

Whew ... Done!

Tiffany's scarf is done! I used the Sunsport Shawl pattern, made it a little shorter and thinner, and it is now a scarf about 7" wide and 70" long. I used one skein, and a bit of another of the Misti Alpaca Lace weight yarn in a cream color and size US4 needles. The yarn sheds a bit so I chose a light color (because lint from a cream color yarn on a white shirt is more acceptable that black lint on a white shirt).

All the pinning to block it was what kept me up til the middle of the night last night when I realized something. I dislike pinning as much as I dislike checking gauge, but I tolerate pinning because the finished product is so pretty. So, here's the part here I swear up and down that I will never do the Sunsport Shawl pattern again. (I probably will, but it's going to take an awful lot of madeleine cookies to make me give in.)

Like always, I seek out patterns that are challenging, done on small needles, and would normally take forever to finish. But I - having a compulsive knitters attitude and a perfectionist's bent - have to finish quickly. If it takes too long to make it ends up a WIP, if it goes too fast I have to look for some other mind bending, eye crossing, hand hurting pattern.

My next and last project 'by request' is for an "ordinary" black hat which Jen requested. I don't usually do ordinary so I went up the street to School Products and purchased some Karabella Aurora 8. Now I have to fish through a couple of books, but after the scarf, the hat is going to be a couple of hours and a piece of cake.

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