October 13, 2008

Three Sisters and a Hat

Did I mention that I was working on one of the 3 Sisters Scarves? I got the pattern for free from Yarnloopie's website and I deliberately puchased Handmaiden Sea Silk so it would look as radiant as hers. In my opinion, it does:

The scarf is still in the blocking stage but I'll get a picture of it in all its glory tomorrow when it's done. This is one of the projects I wanted to work on once I got done with the folks at the office.

Making this scarf really made me happy. Too bad it was over so quick. I followed the pattern to the "T" and if I had been thinking I would have taken Yarnloopie's advice and gone another set. As a result, the scarf is a little shorter than I usually make, but it's so pretty.

My other desire was to make this hat. I nipped the pattern from the Interweave Knits website Knitting Daily. It was one of the free patterns, and the hat is almost a quick knit (it comes with a chart & involves some counting). I started last night and I'm halfway done:

This hat is for Mary, a dear friend. She's always so helpful and such a good friend. I thought it would be nice to make something that would remind her of all the thanks I owe her for all she does, and it's useful too. The yarn is Karabella, a nice soft merino in #1359, a beige color which I thought would be neutral enough to go with whatever coat she wears.

My next project is going to be a pair of socks, or another scarf, I'm not sure yet. So much yarn, so little time!

I'm off to Rhinebeck on Saturday, October 18. The school bus leaves from the library at 8:00a and there's still room on the bus if you don't mind coming to the Bronx to catch it. You can reach me here for details if you're interested.

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