October 16, 2008

I See Silk

The Sea Silk scarf is done! I added the fringe and gave it to Irma M. because no one I know loves purple more than her. She's the one who lets me blog via emails all day long at work and has to listen to my tales, so Irma, here's the best of purple I had to offer! Did you see this coming:

Photographs by: Aylin O.

Judging by her surprise, I would say no. Isn't it a beauty?

This yarn is really, really nice and soft. And it knit up like a dream on my bamboo needles. There was absolutely no drama involved with knitting this scarf. It took 3 days to make. Mainly because I sometimes forget how to count. Thanks for listening to all my tales!

I'm also done with Mary's hat. I only wish my camera would take a better picture so you could see how cute the little snowflakes are! (Pay no attention to the young man wearing the hat, he's not there - and he doesn't ever wear girly hats).

The hat is neutral in color and so hopefully wearable with anything (I hope!). Mary - thank you for being such a very good friend and listener! You understand EVERYTHING and it's nice to have someone there that understands as well. It's been years that our paths have been criss-crossing, and no matter how much time goes by, our friendship is like comfortable slippers.

Next on the list is my Nana's shawl. I bought some Kauni because the colors are wonderful (pink/beige/cream) and would make a wonderful shawl. I just had no idea how rough it was. I printed out a couple of patterns, but I'm not convinced that they will show off the yarn to it's advantage and the search continues.

What's going to happen (and I hope it won't) is that I'm going to search until I'm out of time and they I'll be stuck. I'm not trying to go that route!

Lastly, my new computer is on the way. I hope the computer gets here in time for me to download my pictures from Rhinebeck! That's tomorrow - I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight!

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