October 09, 2008

Done...For Real!

This was my last by request project, a hat for Jen. She asked for a black hat, plain with no cuff. At least that's what I understood. So, I made the hat black and I also made it short enough that she could wear it without a cuff. I added the cables because nobody REALLY wants a plain hat, I hope.

I used Karabella, Aurora 8 and size 7 needles because the hat is knit flat and then seamed up the back with the mattress stitch - which minimizes the look of a seam. The pattern is from here and was very quick and easy.

The only problem I ran into was at School Products. Sometimes they have the most delicious colors right there at the front door. I couldn't resist! So, I made a small purchase which - as you may know - is counter to my efforts to de-stash.

And while I sat home today knitting one of the three scares from Yarnloopie's website (which I can't speak of because I'm knitting under the radar this week) - Window Man came and put in two new windows for me and they look GREAT. Yay! I can feel the heat bill going down already!

The only problem with my beautiful new undrafty windows is - he took my curtain rod down on the staircase window and I'm too short to put it back up.

Somehow someone has to get my curtains back up because my neighbors can see my entire second floor. And NO ONE (trust me) wants to see ME in the before my "beat down the ugly" morning routine is done. I scare my own self.

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