October 20, 2008

Lots of Yarn

I don't have any projects to show today, so I'm going to let you in on my little secret. It's my stash, a constant source of embarrassment. To the knitters of the world who don't buy yarn until they use what they have (and make their intended garment), I tip my knitted hat to you!

My son, who doubles as the Yarn Police, hasn't a clue about how I get the yarn into the house without him seeing it. Truth be told, it's embarrassing.

I usually buy yarn during cold weather so I can tuck it into my sleeves. I have put yarn in my purse, pockets and socks. I brought yarn into the house in boxes marked "Comet" so he thinks it's cleanser. I even resorted to telling him that the mail order yarn is yarn from some family member who sent it to me so I could make them something.

Clearly, I need yarn detox.

I bought this yarn on eBay about a thousand years ago and a it's really nice alpaca (I think):

But it won't go away! I made 3 pairs of socks, including Howard's socks (see my blog Sept. 2008) and these 'footies' for my son:

There's still enough yarn to make 2 more pairs. Oh brother.

Then there's the Kauni yarn I bought to make my Nana's shawl:

Too bad I can't find the pattern I want. Besides, this yarn is rough enough to for dermabrasion.

Then there's this yarn I 'accidentally' bought from who knows where, a cotton lace weight yarn:

It's really pretty, but I really don't like working with cotton. What was I thinking?

To rid myself if this yarn, I've started knitting Sister #2.

This pattern can be found at Yarnloopie's website. Her patterns are so nice.

There's more ... lots more. And no, this fiber didn't come from Rhinebeck. I bought it all in a moment of fiber frenzy.

I'm too ashamed to show all of my stash. If I get rid of these skeins (and fiber), which constitute mountains of yarn, it's going to be a miracle.

Stay tuned ... I just might make something.

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  1. Awww, don't be shy. Show all your stash, please. Promise, it'll just be between us fiber friends!