September 29, 2008

Tiffany's Scarf & Stuff

Tiffany's Scarf is the second to last knit-by-request, and is actually a scaled down version of the Sunsport Shawl which I have made twice in my lifetime. I remember now why I quit after making the two.


Pattern: Cashmere Sunsport Shawl (Karabella), purchased from School Products here in NY

Yarn Substitute: Misti Alpaca Lace (437 yards), 3 skeins singled (but you may only need 2)

Needles: Knit Picks Harmony 10" single points, size 4 (and they're perfect for knitting lace)

When I made the original, I purchased this Misti Alpaca yarn and doubled it which gave it the weight I thought I would need since it was a shawl.

With this scarf, I did not double the yarn. I cast on 63 stitches which makes for a nice sized scarf (in width), and I'll make sure that it's long enough to double around the neck (and pray my hands will hold out til the end).

Tiffany has asked not to see it, so I won't put the entire picture up. Besides, with 20" done and about 50" more to go, she probably won't see this scarf until the first snowfall! I'm working as fast as I can.

On another note:

My mother, God love her and so do I, ordered me an early Christmas gift - two new windows for the house. No cheap gift (thanks Mom!) and I NEED those windows seeing as how I'm waiting for the current windows to just fall off the house. When you walk upstairs, the window on the landing lets off such a wind it nearly blows your wig off.

Oh, and about my laptop situation: there is no situation since there is no laptop. I thought I would move into the 21st century, but apparently not. You can't go into it all I once, I find, or your budget gets blown, your lack of technological saavy becomes apparent & you have to ask your teenaged son for help, and he believes that ANY technology that enters the house is 'ours' and already has 50 songs waiting to download from some nasty, virus infested website that I've never heard of, along with 99 pictures of himself ready to post to friends. Oh brother ...

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