October 28, 2008

Down, But Not Out

I came home from work on Friday feeling pretty ill, so I took a couple of aspirin and crawled into bed. Not to be melodramatic or anything - but meet my new best friends:

Anyway, I missed my knitting class on Saturday because I slept through the alarm (poor excuse since I'm the knitting teacher) and when I woke up, my darling son had been out and back and his friends were in the living room to greet me at my absolute worst - looking like an advertisement for Halloween (bride of Frankenstein).

Not to be deterred (and not well enough to cook or do laundry), I decided it would be nice to find the pattern I want to use to make my Nana's shawl. I found it! Amazing what you can find when you have no intention of doing anything else but that one thing. The pattern is designed for the Kauni yarn - to show off the colors:

So I worked on it, and all was well until the cough syrup stopped working & I had to blow my nose. I must have blown out the part of my brain that knows math because I somehow lost count on Chart #2, 3rd row. Well shucks - do the eyelets HAVE to line up? Drat. I put the shawl away.

I wasn't out for the count yet. I started working on these socks:

They are lovely - and so easy to make! Thanks Sockpixie! If I wasn't medically impaired, I could have finished the sock, but I realized (halfway through) that I only had enough yarn to make ONE sock. That put me in a downward spiral for sure. I'm going to finish the sock anyway, and the second one will probably be a different color, but I'm going to wear them anyway. Do socks have to be identical? (OK - this might explain why my son won't go out with me in public).

I did finish Sister #2, and she is lovely and downstairs blocking. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a home. I don't care for cotton - and doing the pattern was all I wanted. So,now I have to find her a home. And with the yarn that was left over, I can make 100 more of them. So much for stash busting.

This picture was taken before blocking, but to get a picture of it I'd have to go downstairs, and it's just too chilly to get out of bed. But you get the idea.

Before I go, I had a comment about my stash from SojournKnitting. She wanted me to show all of my shame, I mean stash. I would ... but I can't. Put it this way, remember way back when you first learned to knit well and your dream was to buy lots of yarn so you could make everything? Seems like (half of) my dream came true. I bought all of my yarn - now all I have to do is make everything.

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