September 05, 2008

Some Progress Was Made

Starting with Mark's socks. They are done and I owe a big 'thank you' to Carodan Farm who came to the rescue and helped me with my '10 rows to go' issue. While I was making these socks, I thought they looked kind of wild and the colors out of control somehow ... but now that they're done, they don't seem so 'feral'. I think blocking them cooled them down a bit.

Then there was the issue of the blue and white blanket I made. The person that requested the blanket also requested I make a hat to go with it, but I was too low on blue yarn and not willing to buy another skein of it. It would have been counter productive since I'm trying to de-stash.

Well, I can't do the math required to figure out how to crochet a hat that matched the blanket, and I don't like crochet unless it's decorative. And a baby hat that's crocheted needs to be lined (or something). No, it's all too much work, so I knit this instead:

It needs to be blocked so the front doesn't curl up like that, and the pattern was free and can be found here. It was very simple Chullo, easy to make, only took a couple of hours and it's cute, cute, cute. Too bad that after it gets gifted I'll never see it again. That's OK because it means I got rid of 5 skeins of yarn (including the blanket, of course).

And one last thing before I go:

This year I told my son he's on his own for getting to school ON TIME. He didn't fight me, he just said OK. I thought that ominous, considering how well he took it.

See, I've been taking him to school since 1st grade, you understand. Every day was a litany of "Why must you make me late every day?" and "You can be dressed in 10 minutes if your friends are outside!" and "You're going to make me late! Hurry up!". Not today.

Today, I woke him up at 6:30a, he dressed and was gone at 7:00a, a full 15 minutes before me. A world record for him! No complaints, no begging, no negotiating and no lingering and hoping for a ride. It was as quiet as church in my house this morning. YAY!

So, to celebrate my new found indepence, I've ordered myself a couple of things from KnitPicks:

And this:

Hope they get here by the weekend. It's my independence day and I'd love to celebrate with new things!

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  1. Last year my son realized it was easier for him to get up with an alarm clock than with me screaming at him. Now he's up, dressed and downstairs by 6 AM. I don't even get out of bed until 6:30!