September 26, 2008

Almost The End

All the projects I’ve been making for the past 2 years are the result of making a scarf for my former boss, Jim. He found out that I taught knitting on weekends and asked me for a scarf. I obliged. That led to every one else at the office asking for either a scarf, a hat, socks and even a ski mask for Peter. I specifically told Peter NOT to rob any banks while wearing that ski mask because my epithelial skin cells could still be found in the yarn (and probably a strand or two of my hair). I’d hate to be jailed as aiding and abetting because I knit the ski mask! That pattern by Jenna Adorno can be found at, the pattern is called Antifreeze.

Anyway, all this knitting on demand is coming to an end. Yes, I’m down to the last two projects I’m doing by request (Tiffany and Jen’s hat) because my stash has been reasonably reduced (not really) and mostly what’s left is yarn I want to use to make stuff for myself (ahhh, silk!). Besides, the holidays are coming and I’ve got other stuff to do.

Most of the yarn I used was unknown and mystery yarn that seemed appropriate for whatever project I was doing, and it all turned out fine. Now, most of that mystery yarn is gone, along with some yarn that I purchased AGES ago from who-knows-where (probably eBay) with no labels.

I also want to take time to spin yarn. I’ve been dabbling at it and since I’m new to it, I won’t improve or learn what my own bent on spinning is unless I get at my wheel a little more often. With the trip to the New York Sheep & Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck) fast approaching, and with visions of buying 200 lbs of spinning fiber (yeah, right!) dancing in my head, I’d better get good at spinning quick.

During the Tour de Fleece I visited a lot of web pages to see how everyone else was doing (I didn’t have a page at the time) and I was wondering how they did it – made it so pretty and all (Yarnloopie, come to my house and teach me to spin PLEASE!). It takes me DAYS to finish two ounces of fiber, and when I’m done it’s such a small amount of yarn, but it makes me so happy.

That said, I’m off to work on Tiffany’s scarf. You may have seen it on a previous entry, but forget it. That has been frogged, ripped back and forgotten. I’ve switched over to Misti Alpaca lace weight and it is the SOFTEST fiber I’ve touched since touching the Tsock Tsarina’s flock sock yarn. Ohhhhhh … makes me shake! So now, I’m on a mission (like the hobbits in Lord of the Rings): lace weight yarn, lace pattern, small needles, no room for error. Wish me luck!

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