September 08, 2008

Tuesday is better than Monday

I must have offended the kitchen gods because today I was struck by knitting lightning. There was only one bright spot in my day today, and thank goodness for that!

First, let's not talk about the glove.

Don't ask what happened because unless I'm mistaken, my mother (who is only 5' tall) does NOT have the hands of a truck driver. If she put her hands in this glove she could also fit in an entire turkey leg. What the?!

When I originally made the glove, I used size US1 and the glove felt like a girdle. So, I ripped it out and used a size US3 and now it's big enough to double as a hat.

I'm sending the glove to the meditation pond where it can thank it's lucky stars that I don't set it on fire. I'll get back to it before it gets cold. Maybe.

While I was stewing about the glove, I decided that I would be a techno-genius and set up up my digital camera so I can use it to have better pictures to upload.

So, I got the instructions and read them (most of them), uploaded the disk and was chuckling to myself about how 'easy' it was. Put the USB port into the camera (no sweat) and went to plug in the other end and it looks like this:

What the?! Will someone smarter than me tell me where on this laptop those two prongs are supposed to go? Holy mother of purl! It would fit into my computer if my computer wasn't ANCIENT. No problem. My new computer should be here this week and it will have a slot for me to insert my memory card and elimimate the need for a USB port. As for my techno-genius status, let's wait on that.

So, after a shower and two madeleine soft cookies, I had some success:

Ah ...the twins!

Tomorrow, things will be better. But for now, my little Miss Kitty is on the dining room table eating the yarn that is the glove.

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