September 21, 2008

No WIPs Today

This weekend was going to be all about knitting. I was going to finish up a bunch of WIPs so I could get to the sweater that's been on my needles for who knows how long. I'll get a pic of it, but all that's left are two sleeves and the button placket. What's the hold up?

It's because the sweater is for me. If it were for someone else, it would be done. But I sort of promised that I would finish it in time for Rhinebeck, so I'm trying to honor that.

Meanwhile, I did manage to finish Howard's socks:

And I did start on Tiffany's scarf:

And I started spinning Winnie's yarn (truly, the yarn looks better with real light):

It's not that NOTHING got done, but I thought I'd be further along.

My knitting circle is making the sweaters for Knit for Kids and they're almost ready to turn them in . The group of ladies numbers about 14 and so far, we've collected almost 25 sweaters. Hooray!

Meanwhile, let me brag a moment about my new knitting needles:

These are the new Harmony needles from Knit Picks. I don't usually brag on knitting needles, goodness knows I have a million of them, but these are by far, the prettiest.

The points are just right for knitting lace but not painfully so (I used my left index finger to push my needles down sometimes). And smooth ... let me tell you, not even my metal ones are this smooth. They seem to have just the right flexibility too, not bendy but somehow gentler on my wrists. In short, I love them. More than my bamboo needles, more than the birch. If you don't have good needles, this is worth the investment.

Until next time ...

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