September 16, 2008

What the Twins Taught Me

You remember when I spun 'the twins', don't you? Well, I was in ignorant bliss when I started spinning and I could care less once I got to spinning. It looked good t me, and that was good enough.

I didn't know what I was doing 'not right' until AFTER the twins were spun and looking, um, a little less than perfect. Anyway, I learned a few things about myself while spinning:

1) I need to split the roving more often so that I can get, or work my way down, to lace weight (my favorite weight),

2) It takes me days to spin yarn thin enough to be usable, according to me, and though it doesn't seem possible, I need to slow down,

3) If I don't get it right, I give it away, and lastly,

4) When I ply, I draw my arm waaaay back as far as I can go without disolcating my shoulder and that doesn't seem right. So while spinning the twins, I experimented with plying a little closer, and a little closer and that produced this:

It's rickety-rackety, but I can see my favorite bits of the spinning and know that I would LOVE it if I could only meet the consistency that I see at the bottom of the picture. It seems so right, so pretty and perfect. If I could just remember what I did.

And last night I finished one sock. Not too shabby.

I've got my instructions written down and I told Howard he'd have his socks by Monday. I probably shouldn't have committed myself to a date because those deadlines go whooshing past and all I do is feel bad, I don't DO anything (like finish the sock - oh no - Diva doesn't rush to meet a deadline).

Tiffany is waiting for a scarf, and I promised I would make one for her - no problem. I showed her the patterns I want to use to make the scarf found here, it's one of the Three Sisters Scarves (posted by, Sister #1 - I just love everything about it, including the free pattern download.
When I showed it to her, she said (in a nice, but not too enthusiastic voice), "That's nice, but you have a scarf in your drawer that I want."

Huh? She can't be talking about my ... oh no she didn't! It took me months to make this! (OK, maybe not months, but it still took awhile ...)

Karabella Sunsport Shawl (KK296). Visit the sight and search for the Sunsport Shawl. If they still sell the pattern, I'm sure you can get it here.

What have I gotten myself into?

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