September 11, 2008

I Need A Vacation

Well, my new laptop arrived (yay!) broken (boo!). I called the company to let them know and they said they would pick up the broken laptop in 5 days (yay!) and cancel my order (boo!). I said I wanted an even exchange and she said that I would have to place a new order after the broken laptop was picked up (what?!). I'm so annoyed.

The Knit for Kids sweaters are almost done (yay!), due this weekend (oh no!) but I have seams to sew (yikes!). The instructions for the knit sweaters are specific about seaming, they even have an illustration showing how it should be done, shown here. That's all nice and everything, but I'm starting a little late and the sweaters are due so I've got to hurry!

And lastly, this is the time of year when, if you live along the Eastern seaboard, your body starts getting ready for Winter. The sun sets a little earlier, it's a little cool at night (great sleeping weather), and it feels like midnight at 8p. You may even experience a little fatigue that you know is going to be remedied at the end of Daylight Savings Time when we turn the clocks back to get an 'extra hour' of sleep.

Well, instead of the time change happening in April (forward one hour) and October (back one hour) like it has since time immemorial - the new dates were March (ahead) and now November (back). OH NO! I need my hour now!

So, to alleviate my stress, frustration and annoyance, I'm going to do what I alway do when things don't go my way ... start another portable project that I can finish.

Two socks at once would be fine, but in my present state, I have to go one at a time.

Operating on 'low energy' as I am, I'm converting the instructions to work on DPNs. If you notice the little crimp in the yarn, it's because I had a slight disagreement with the instructions. I won.

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