August 31, 2008

Keeping Busy

This has been a productive weekend so far. It's Saturday night and I've been working on my projects for the weekend.

First, I finished the hat and I was going to work on a scarf to match, but thought, why not gloves? No one ever sees a scarf when it's short and tucked into a coat collar. Gloves would be more useful.

It's a little frustrating and I've ripped the fingers back a couple of times because of the holes between the fingers. How do I avoid that? I'm thinking on it. These gloves may turn out to be a scarf after all.

While I was muddling over the holes betwen the fingers, and needing time to think, I spun a half spool. Notice the crooked teeth on my flyer? What's that all about? I should have straightened them a little for the picture, but what the heck.

I also did a couple of preemie hats for one of my circle buddies, but I didn't get a picture of them. Though they didn't use up a whole skein, the did use up a portion of my scraps, and they're as cute as can be.

The destashing continues.

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