October 02, 2012

What Froze Over?

Today I came home from work and my son had washed the dishes and mopped the kitchen floor .  This in turn caused me to search every channel on television to find out if there was a crack in the planet or if there was a beam from the sun or moon that shone only on my house that brought out the clean-freak in him.  Maybe he's not my son, but an alien who stops by and cleans up.  I hope he comes back tomorrow and throws in a load of laundry.

OK, on to knitting.

I did work on the sock and here's my progress so far:

And if you look at the socks side by side, I can see clearly that the colors no longer match, no doubt because I used a smaller needle for the second sock.  Further proof that the first sock must be destroyed undone.

Oh well, I guess you (like me) are never going to see the end of these socks.  Oy!

After these socks are done, I'm going to do something easy.  I don't know what it is yet, but I'll find it.

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