October 20, 2012

Rhinebeck 2012

Yesterday was filled with drama!

First, the bus company I hired to take us to Rhinebeck sent me a bill that was more than we discussed, so I asked for a reduced price.  I waited for the new confirmation to arrive by email, instead -  three hours later I get a call from the bus company telling me that the bus they had for the group had a mechanical problem and they had done everything they could to find another bus, but no luck.  No bus.

They said they could get a bus for me on Sunday, but half of the ladies wouldn't be able to go, so it wasn't worth the price of the bus.  Oy!  I was furious!

Fortunately, Maria and Junior (husband and wife team) have a minivan and I have a car, so we packed up 11 people and headed out today, as planned.  The day started off foggy and dark, but the sun came out and it was like Summer at Rhinebeck.

Who does cute animals better than Rhinebeck?  How about these cute angora bunnies?

Or these lovely Teeswater sheep?

And these Jacob sheep (what horns, eh?).  He had a cute face too.

That sheep was so cute, I was moved to buy 8 ounces of (soft as all get out) Jacob fiber:

And a few other things:

Yes, Tracey, I finally picked up my three skeins from Creatively Dyed to make the Color Affection Shawl.  Fingering weight in blue, brown and ... uh ... rose?  Turns out that the owner of Creatively Dyed (Dianne) is reorganizing and getting rid of some yarns which she's selling at a 50% discount, patterns, books and magazines.  She's going to focus solely on dyeing and selling yarns, so I am told.

Since there was no bus and I had to drive, I didn't get very far with Mary's Embossed Leaves socks:

Oh, and Carmen carried the freebie skein of Rock Star and wore her hat all day in the heat waiting for someone to ask her for that skein of yarn.  Hard as she tried, no takers - except her.   Lucky winner!

Now, since I hit my picture quota for the day, I'm off to work on Mary's socks.  I get the feeling I won't get very far tonight either - I'm plum tuckered out.


  1. That sucks about the bus company! But I'm glad you all get to go nevertheless.
    That bunny looks fluffy like a cloud. :o)
    Lovely haul! I'm interested how you like spinning your Jacob fiber. I've had some before (from England) and it was on the rougher side, but still lovely to spin.

  2. PS I was looking for Rhinebeck posts, and yours is/was the first one!