October 08, 2012

Sock Interruptus

I finished my second Kilim sock, and now I'm faced with deconstructing the first sock.  I'm half tempted to leave the first sock as it is.  After all, who will know that the sock doesn't fit inside my shoe?  Who will care that the first sock is for a size 10 foot and I wear a size 8?  Who will look that closely?  I will, of course, but the thought of knitting that sock for a third time is more than I can bear, so guess what I did instead?

Since I promised to give away a skein of my hand spun away at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival (and because time is getting close), I figured I'd better spin up the skein:

Here's the Blue Faced Leicester I got from WEBS in the Rockstar colorway.  Too bad my cheesy camera doesn't pick up the purple.  It's looking a little shaggy here, but it looks a little different spun up:

One spool down, two more to go.

And because I can't knit the sock on the train, I took a skein of the Cascade 220 that was generously donated by my good friend Sojourn Knitter and started a scarf that will be donated to a cancer patient.

I like the scarf, it's from a kit that I bought at Stitches East last year, designed by Candace Eisner Strick.  Nice pattern, if I ever make it again it'll be with a different color since pink is not really my color.  I'm more of an earth tones type.

OK, off I go.  Time to start closing up the house and preparing for winter.  It's freezing here and I'm not turning on the heat until there's ice on the walls.  My oil company came and filled up my tank and I nearly fell over when I saw the bill.  Good thing I wasn't home or I would have stopped Mr. Oil Man halfway through!  Can't he mix that oil with cooking oil?  Sheesh!

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