May 25, 2009

When All Else Fails

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope you all had a good day and that if you had a family gathering, that you all had wonderful weather, food and company.

I cooked early so I'd have enough time to get some housework done and do some stash reorganization . While I was doing my thing, it came to me that Spring is my least productive knitting time. It seems like March-April-May gets the least out of me.

Not only that, but I've been going to spinning class and getting home at midnight in the middle of the week is not only ruining my sleep schedule, but it's also messing with my knitting. To offset the lack of sleep/knitting, I went to my old standby - garter stitch.

On May 11th, when I was supposed to be doing something else, I found a hank of yarn that I purchased several years ago from Mystical Creation Yarns (now out of business), and I cast on. I don't know what kind of wool it is but I do know that when I ordered it, it was supposed to be fingering weight. When it arrived and I saw it was lace weight it ended up in the bin. I knew I'd use it - one day.

I wish you could see the color as it truly is. It's light like air and the colors, which look kind of bold here, are really more pastel than that.

Well, today I finished it. Finally something is finished! The pattern is Daybreak Golds from Knitting Universe, I used US #3 circulars and easily I had more than 700 stitches on the needles, so if you're not used to knitting for 30 minutes to get across a row then think twice before casting on!

My special thanks goes to Amanda for posing in the pictures. She lives next door and was minding her business when I pressed her into service. She was a good sport because there was no way I could show this shawl off in the fading sunlight and snap a picture. Thanks Amanda!

So it was a day filled with family, food and finishing. A very good day indeed.


  1. Brava! Kudos to you for finishing up such a beautiful shawl. 700 stitches?! You go!

  2. So inspring. Makes me want to get off my butt and start knitting again....well, maybe in a few days. I'm tired. My baby turned one this weekend. I'm pooped (and sad! She's growing so quickly!).
    Congrats on finishing another project. Now, get back to that fair isle!!