May 08, 2009

Honestly ...

There are worse things in life than a stark raving fear of steeking. The fair isle sweater I'm working on is up to a steek part, the sleeve. The entire sweater is knit in many stages: one tube for the body, two sleeves, the neckline steek and the button placket.

Once the tube (body) is done, all you have to do to continue on with the sweater is cut the sleeve opening pick up stitches and follow the pattern. Easy peasy. Or at least it should be.

I've been all over the web trying to find the easiest way to get over my fear by finding bloggers that have more intestinal fortitude than me who found a way to make steeking seem easy.

I learned that there's three ways to get steeking done: there's the sewing machine steek, the crochet steek and then the fearless steek that requires no reinforcements at all.

Imagine that! Being a gutless wonder, the 'no reinforcement' steek is not the way for me.

So while I continue with my research to try to find the perfect way to steek, I've created a little diversion with some Cherry Tree Hill supersock yarn in water (gifted to me by my friend Irma):

While I knit the Kai-Mei sock from the Cookie A book on my US #1 Harmony dpns, I will ponder my steeking options.

Meanwhile, if anyone out there knows a good steeking website for the steeking challenged, please drop me a line. If it can get me through the first steek, I might be able to handle the rest.

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  1. In the words of Nike "JUST DO IT". So many people have faith in you, you've researched enough. Just do it! Cut lady, cut! I'll still love you, and look to you for my knitting guidance.