May 30, 2009

Dianna - Day 1

I know I have a fair isle sweater to work on, and I'm working on it. Honestly. It's just that it's so hot and that sweater sits heavy on my lap and every time I take it out of my 'to do' bag, which is loaded with 5 pairs of socks waiting for my attention, I get hot and cranky. Anyway ...

In the meantime, I just got finished with spinning lessons. It's about time. I've only had my wheel for about 2 years now. The instructor, Julie, was really good at answering my questions and I learned a lot by watching. I found that I was doing everything mostly right, but I wasn't understanding about yarn diameter and getting the yarn I want without making it 8 ply or some crazy number just to get sport weight yarn.

So... I was on Ravelry one night and found a pattern that I absolutely fell in love with. It's Dianna by Jane Araujo, and when I saw it I knew I would spin my own lace weight yarn to make it. So that's what I'm doing.

While reaching for something else, I grabbed this:

Dried Flowers from Colorful Life. It's 4.4 ounces of superfine merino and so soft to the touch it almost makes me weep.

I pre-drafted it:

And now all I can do is pray to Julie that I can remember what she taught me so I can spin some lace! I just purchased and received a fast flyer for my Kromski Prelude so here's keeping my fingers crossed and praying for the best.

For me, a shawl is the best thing for Summertime knitting because it's light and not fair isle ... I mean hot to knit.

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  1. Gasp! That fiber is so pretty! And secondly, Wow! Your predrating makes a statement...Go hard or go home! Me thinks anchoring that wheel to the floor is a good idea because once you get that fast flyer going to town on that pretty prepped fiber....Shoo, you'll be casting on the shawl by Monday!