May 19, 2009


This past week has been a busy one. In fact, it's been busy for me the past couple of weeks with deadlines, birthday celebrations, knitting class, book club and my spinning class. Yes, I finally signed up for a class so I can stop complaining about the quality of my yarn.

Class started two weeks ago and even though it's only once a week, I've been twice, and I've honestly noticed a difference.

For the past week, I've been spinning and trying to do better. It's high time I took a lesson seeing as how I've had my wheel for more than a year. I've been taking what I get as far as spinning goes, but since class started, I've noticed a little change.

I took this 100% Falkland in Wood Violet purchased from Chimera:

I was very careful in splitting and drafting, which is to say I watched what I was doing:

And a week later I finally got around to spinning and plying, and I ended up with this:

This picture was taken before the soak, beat and dry phase, but my guess is it's about 200 yards of DK weight yarn. I'll have better stats after it gets dry.

And thanks to Julie, my spinning teacher, I have to say that the forward short draw has worked for me. Although it doesn't look like much in the picture, I'd say my spinning is at least more consistent, or rather, there are fewer 'flubby' parts. This is 3 ply:

It's still a little thick and thin in places, and the singles were a little over plied, but I straightened them out as I went. It was tough! And it didn't turn out so bad considering that the last time I spun anything was in December.

Anyway, this yarn already has a destination - and a deadline which is probably going to fly by, but there's always hope.

And by the way, that holiday knitting I was going to start in February ... well ... it's bust. I haven't knit one thing yet. But as soon as I can, I'm going to start, I just hope I can find time before November!