May 12, 2009

No More Excuses

OK, determination won over procrastination.

I found the book: Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified by Ann and Eugene Bourgeois. (Can you believe a used copy was going for $288.00?!) Anyway, it has everything I need to know about steeking.

But, while doing the research to find a book with the answers I came across a website at that suggested that maybe the difference between a knitter who is a beginner and one who is experienced is perhaps their level of fearlessness.

Well, maybe that's true, so call me a lily livered chicken head beginner!

My feeling is that I will be able to steek this weekend because of the information on these pages:

Diagrams and everything! Little Miss Kitty was kind enough to help out by pointing (with her tail) to the section which she believes would be most helpful to me. She must be sick of my whining too.

I guess now I'm going to have to stop procrastinating and produce some results.

It's reassuring to know that there is little chance of failure because:

1) the areas to be steeked are clearly knitted into the sweater

2) my sewing machine hasn't been used in YEARS and I kind of know what I'm doing

3) all I have to be able to do is count and then cut down the middle (I'm math challenged & doomed!)

4) even if I make a mistake, I can fix it (yeah, right) by either throwing the sweater onto the expressway or getting my gasoline and matches ready

Meanwhile, I've got some WIPs to work on ... to calm my nerves, you understand.

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  1. YEAH! You can do it. Rah rah! I'll be on email this weekend waiting for the good news!