May 17, 2009

I Said I Would & I Did

I really didn't think I could do it. I was nervous, sweaty and nauseous. I'd read everything I could find about steeking and nothing made me comfortable. Nothing.

Anyway, I said I'd steek and I did.

First I read the directions for the sweater. Seems like every chance the designer got, she said to go online to find instructions for steeking. Yeah, thanks for that.

Then I hooked up my ancient sewing machine and lined up:

I was nervous just sewing! I went so slow that I gave myself eye strain.

Then I got the scissors - oh lord - and started at the bottom of the arm steek and worked my way up. I wished the whole time that I was a woman who takes an occasional drink (I never touch the stuff), but I'm sure it would have made matters worse.

Well, I cut even slower than I sewed. Now that's just sad. The sweater instructions said NOT to cut the top crossover stitch and I didn't. Whew! And then it was done. Those are my fingers peeking through the hole:

And just when I thought it couldn't get any more traumatic, I realized that I'd only done ONE sleeve! I have another sleeve, a center steek and the neckline!!

Sheesh. After all this, the only fair isle I'll be doing will be no larger that doll clothes.

I was so stressed out after all that drama that I took a nap. Maybe I'll have a dream about one day finishing the sweater. I guess I'd better work fast before I lose my nerve again. One steek at a time.

Maybe the next time I bring up the subject of the fair isle sweater, it'll be when I'm wearing it.


  1. Awesome! You did it! Congratualations on conquering the steek monster. There's nothing you can't do now!

  2. You steeker you! I'm so proud! My knitting mentor really CAN do anything she puts her mind to. I knew it, now you do too! Congrats!!!

  3. Very brave and impressive! The next one will be a breeze I'm sure:D

  4. ok - so where is the rest of the sweater? have you steeked the other parts yet? what are you waiting for - the steek fairy to come and do it for you??? you've come this far and you can't turn back now!
    Ra Ra Ra
    Sis Boom Ba
    Sharon Sharon
    Ra Ra Ra
    see - you even got your own personal cheerleader :)